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4. A Common Requirements

Specifications pertaining to different functional areas and levels imply other general requirements in addition to those specified here, e.g. transfer syntax and Z39.50 Services.

The danZIG Profile primarily specifies requirements to Z39.50 Targets. Z-Target (Server) is for example expected to support all of specified Bibliographic Searches, while a Z39.50 Origin (Client) is only expected to support those facilities that are relevant to its usage.

4.1 A Protocol Version

Servers (Targets) and Clients (Origins) must support ISO 23950 i.e. Z39.50-1995 Version 3:


This profile utilise a number of amendments to the above standard. The relevant amendments and clarifications are included in a new revision titled Z39.50-2003.


4.2 A Attribute Sets

Servers and Clients must support mixed queries containing references to the Bib-1 attribute set as well as the Dan-1 attribute set (i.e., process requests and responses that contain the OID for Bib-1 plus optionally the OID for Dan-1):

Servers and Clients must support the Bib-1 Diagnostic set:

4.3 A Initialisation Facility

Servers and Clients must support the Init Service with ID/Authentication parameters UserId and Password.

Servers must support Character set negotiation as part of the Init service.

Servers must support ISO 8859-1:1998 Latin-1 plus the ISO 10646 BMP character set with UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding.

Search and scan strings must be represented as the InternationalString (CHOICE in Term must be charterString) as specified in Z39.50 Version 3.

4.4 A Termination Facility

Servers and Clients must support the Close Service.

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