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3. Structure

The danZIG profile is intended to cover requirements of the following functional areas.

  1. Common Requirements
  2. Search and Retrieval of Library Catalogues.
  3. Search and Retrieval of Holdings information
  4. Item Ordering and Interlibrary Loans
  5. Cross-domain Search and Retrieval. (Removed)
  6. Update (Removed)
  7. Authority Records Search and Retrieval

Separate sets of specifications are described for each of the functional areas. 

The specifications within a given functional area may describe one or more levels of requirements. The requirements levels within a given functional area are not necessarily cumulative. I.e. support for a higher level within a given functional area does not always imply support for lower levels within the same functional area.

The profile requirements may be viewed as an irregular matrix or tree:

A system may support different levels of requirements within different functional areas. A system may for example support the highest level within functional area A (Search and Retrieval of Library Catalogues), but it may at the same time support only the lowest level within functional area B (Search and Retrieval of Holdings information).

All Z39.50 Target systems must support the Common Requirements of functional area A.

The terms Target and Server plus Origin and Client are used interchangeably in relation to Z39.50 Target- and Origin specifications.

The following diagram illustrates the original structure and logical dependencies of the danZIG Profile.

 Diagram illustrates the original structure and logical dependencies of the danZIG Profile

Remark: Area E and F are removed; area G added and ILL-transactions in area D are added.


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